Superhero Class

Mini X and Prep

Winter Class Schedule

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Youth-Senior Team Practices

5:15-7 Tiny Star

7-8 Level 3/4/5 Tumble

7:30-8:30 Open Gym ($5 for non members)

5:15-6:45 Love Bug Practice

6:15-7:45 Icons Practice

7:30-8:30 Level 3/4/5 Tumble

5:15-7 Mini Practice

5:15-6 Standing Tuck Class

6-6:30 Standing Series Class

6:30-7 Layout/Fulls Technique Class

7-7:30 Standing Back Handspring Class

7:30-8:30 Level 1/2 Tumble

5:15-6:15 Skills Class and Level 1/2 Tumble

6-7:30 Fab4 Tumble

7-8:30 cRu5h Tumble

Closed Closed

Tumbling Classes are $40/month (or $12/class) and a one time $35 registration fee for non-members, specialty 1/2 hour classes are $8/class, all full year Prime Time athletes all classes are included in your tuition packages and you can come as often as you would like.

New members  - Please print off a release form for our tumbling classes (located under the FORMS tab above) show up approximately 15 minutes before your first class with the release filled out by a parent or guardian.  We do offer one FREE tumbling class for anyone who is interested in trying out our classes.  Gym attire is required, including sneakers, and either fitted shirts or sports bra under loose fitting t-shirts.  

Special Needs Team!

Prime Time is the ONLY cheer gym in the area that offers a cheer team for athletes with Special Needs.

We will be having sign-ups for our Superstars team in mid fall so make sure to check back for more detaills!!

Scholarships are available for anyone interested in this team. For more information please e-mail us at


The gym is closed Thursday December 29th due to the weather

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