Special Needs Team!

Bravo is the ONLY cheer gym in the area that offers a cheer team for athletes with Special Needs. 


Curious to see what all the buzz is about??  Want more information??  E-mail us at info@primetimeallstars.com!!


Icons at Battle at the Capital (Large Senior Level 2)

Super Hero Training Classes

Our Super Hero Training Classes run in 4 week sessions for 1 hour per week.  These classes are open to kids ages 4 1/2-9.  During the hour we work on lots of fun and challenging exercises!!  We warm-up by doing X-Men Jumping Jacks, we train kids to run as fast as The Flash and then we set up fun obstacles for our Super Heros to tackle with instructors in smaller groups.  Our training classes fill up quickly so make sure to reserve your spot right when the sessions open.  You can sign-up by emailing us at info@primetimeallstars.com

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