How long have you been in business?

We are now in our 11th year.  In the 10 years that we have been open, we have grown from THREE teams to 9 and have over 100 members!  We are excited to announce that in our 5th year we  added on a Special Needs team.  Each year our gym has grown in numbers as well as talent level.  We are so proud of our athletes and all of their accomplishments.  Our coaching staff is highly knowledgable in the sport of cheerleading and we teach our athletes in a positive and fun environment.  Competitions are a fun part of the season but we try and focus on the journey throughout the whole year as well.  We offer fun things such as gym sleepovers, ice cream socials, pizza parties, Spirit Month (5 years running now!), team bonding days and many other activities for our athletes to take part in.

Can I come and check out your facility before I sign my child up?

Absolutely!  We highly suggest setting up a time to come in with your child to meet the staff and check out the facility.  We also offer a FREE tumbling class to all athletes ages 6-18 to try out before they sign up.

I heard All Star Cheerleading is expensive, can I afford it?

We have many different options so every family will be able to participate in all star cheerleading, while staying in a comfortable spot finacially.  We know times are tough right now and at Prime Time we can make adjustments to work with our families.  We offer a very successful fundraising program.  Over the past nine seasons they have raised over $150,000 for athletes to participate in our program.  We have had several athletes over the years not pay for anything at all out of pocket because of the amount of fundraising they took part in.  All fundraising is optional and any money that you raise will go directly back to your child in most fundraisers.  If the full season teams are still too much for you with our fundraising options, we also offer a half season prep division program.  These teams run from November-April and they cost less than our full season teams.  There are no hidden costs with us either, you get a full payment schedule on registration day.  All payments are spread out throughout the season in order to allow families to budget.  We also don't add on any last minute trips. You will know on the day you sign up which competitions we will be attending, in order to allow for better planning.  We also base our tuition prices on how much practice time the athletes are getting. It does not make sense that an athlete on our Tiny Stars team getting an hour of practice each week pay the same amount as our elite level athletes that require more training.  Our tuition prices are all inclusive as well. All tumbling, stretching and jump classes are covered!  No matter your needs or budget, there is a team for you at Prime Time!

How much is monthly tuition?

Monthly tuition starts at $55 for our tiny stars and tops out at $99 for our junior and senior teams. All tuition prices include weekly team practices and tumbling classes. If you compare our monthly fees to dance, martial arts, or gymnastics, you get way more gym time for your money.

What type of competitions do you attend?

Prime Time teams compete in DIVISION 1 on the Varsity All Star Circuit, against some of the biggest and best teams that the region and country have to offer. We attend almost all of the largest events in New England. We don't believe in paying for our banners and trophies by attending small events and competing against no one, but earning them instead! Although, by the numbers, we qualify as a small (division 2) gym, we do very competing in division 1 against the biggest and best. Our success will never be defined by the limitations of our competitors. To become the best, you must compete against the biggest and best, and that is the division one difference that Prime Time offers.

Our youth, junior, and senior teams will compete in division 1 for bids to The Summit. Summit is the most exclusive all star event that a team can earn a bid to. The Summit takes place the first weekend of May, and only the top 2% of USASF registered cheerleaders will earn a bid. Last year, Prime Time earned it's first Summit bid in the small senior restricted level 5 division.

How does Prime Time divide up their teams? 

We follow the USASF guidelines for Division and level. You may have noticed that there are some younger kids on our higher level teams. We place our athletes in a level that is safe but will still challenge them as the season progresses. We want our cheerleaders to strive to be their personal best, so we offer as many levels as possible to give our kids the opportunity to reach their personal best. We also do not force our athletes to be on more than one team just to fill spots. Some kids like to crossover, and we allow that, but it is not mandatory.

My child has always been a flyer/base/back spot, can they continue to be that position at Prime Time?

We evaluate what will be best for each team and will go with whatever is best for the teams.  We do look for specific skills for each position, so if you have any questions we would be happy to sit down and talk with you.  We want each child to be happy at our facility and do our best to accomodate the request of each family.

Can my child still participate in school sports as well as Prime Time?

Definitely!  We have several athletes that participate in our program as well as their school teams.  As long as we have your school calendars in advance we will do our best to work with them.  We are more than willing to work with local school/rec programs, however we cannot work around their schedules if it will negatively affect our own teams.  It is impossible to foresee all conflicts with other sports, but we are willing to work with the other team's coaches if they are willing to work with us. We ask our travel team athletes not to compete in other winter sports that will conflict with our competition season.

Is it alright to come to Prime Time with little to no cheerleading/tumbling experience?

Everyone is welcome to our gym and no athlete will ever be turned away due to lack of experience!  There is a place for any athlete in the Prime Time family!